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I created ColourSplash to brighten up tables and, because of the vivid mix of colours, these pieces can sit with any colour dinner set or interior, giving a quirky feel! 

The splashes of colour are created from globules of dried coloured glaze that I collect and produce and sprinkle on top of clear glaze. Once fired in the kiln (to 1000 degrees) they melt and leave a raised, quite tactile surface. 

Each one is totally unique, I try to make sure there's a good balance of colours but they do have their own personality and differences!

These cork-backed coasters are perfect for coffee tables and can co-ordinate with lots of other ColourSplash items on the dinner table. 

10.2cm x 10.2cm x 0.9mm

Care Instructions:

Gently wipe to clean. Please don't use in a microwave. 

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