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This mug makes a great gift and can have any name on the back. Suitable for a variety of occasions from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

This can also have a name on the reverse or a short message on the bottom, please let me know in the Personalisation box if you’d like this. 

Height 10cm  

I often get asked about the processes I go through to get to the finished article, so here goes...

I start with a blank item of bisque - the name for a blank piece of unfired pottery. This is my canvas and then I draw on the design before painting with special paint. The item is then glazed and fired in an industrial kiln to 1000 degrees. This is a lengthy process and takes a full 8 hours to heat up and another 8 hours to cool down.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the process or would like me to create anything bespoke.

Your mug is food safe and although technically your piece is dishwasher safe and will not fade or tarnish I recommend hand washing to keep it perfect!

Please do not use in the microwave.

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