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I’ve designed this piece so you will have a platter to serve a Birthday cake for everyone! The platter has a diameter of 30cm.

My standard design is done with a bright colour selection but I can do with any colour way and have done in colours to reflect favourite colours or football team before so please message me if you have any special requirements.

I can also add any required personalisation and add a family name either on the front or back.

All items are hand made to order so please allow for slight variations in the design to incorporate personalisation.

I often get asked about the processes your unique piece goes through before it reaches you so here you go…

I start with a blank item of bisque - the name for a blank piece of unfired pottery. This is my canvas and the image is then silk screened and fired in an industrial kiln to 1000 degrees - the design then is fixed.

I then decorate with special paint . This process means the image keeps the intractable detail. The item is then glazed and fired again to 1000 degrees. This is a lengthy process and takes a full 8 hours to heat up and another 8 hours to cool down.

There are lots of processes to go through to create your pieces hence the 2-3 week turnaround time. Please let me know if you have any questions about the process or would like me to create anything bespoke.

I recommend hand washing to keep your platter in pristine condition. 

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